Hair Styling


  • Dry Cut
  • £20
  • Wet Cut
  • £22
  • Blow Dry
  • £21
  • Cut & Blow Dry
  • £28


  • Dry Cut
  • £10
  • Wet Cut
  • £12
  • Hi-Lites
  • £35


  • Girls Dry Cut
  • £12
  • Girls Wet Cut
  • £13
  • Girls Cut & Blow Dry (short)
  • £19
  • Girls Cut & Blow Dry (long)
  • £21
  • Boys Cut
  • £10


(includes Cut & Blow Dry)

  • Roots
  • £45
  • Top Foils
  • £50.50
  • Full Head Foils
  • £60.50

  • Full Head Tint
  • £54.50
  • Top Foils & Roots
  • £58
  • Full Head & Roots
  • £67.50
  • All Over Colour & Top Foils
  • £67.50
  • All Over Colour & Full Head Foils
  • £71.50
  • Toner (separate treatment – wash, toner, blow dry)

  • £36.50
  • Ombre (with toner if necessary +£10)
  • £61.50
  • Toner with Colour
  • £61.50
  • Cleanse
  • additional £10

        Hair Extensions

        • Micro Ring & Pre-Bonded Grade ‘AAAA’ Indian Remy 100% Human Hair. Full head averages between £190 – £250 (without colour).


        • Clynol
        • £43.50
        • Exacta
        • £48.50
        • Acid
        • £49.50


            • Short
            • £43
            • Long
            • £47

            Dressed Hair

            • Scalp Plaits, Fish Tail, Basket Weave & More
            • £17
            • Hair Up
            • £25
            • Hair Curled
            • £11
            • Washed Dried & Curled
            • £25


            (Tuesday & Wednesday)

            • Dry Cut
            • £12.50
            • Wet Cut
            • £13.50
            • Blow Dry
            • £15.50
            • Cut & Blow Dry
            • £17.50
            • Shampoo & Set
            • £12.50
            • Perm (including cut)
            • £29.50
            • Root (including cut)
            • £32
            • Roots/Foils (including cut)
            • £42
            • Top Foils (including cut)
            • £38

            Hair Treatments

            • Joico 4 step reconstruct which leaves hair healthier, smoother and rejuvenated

            • £10
            • Plaits, Plats, Platz
              We offer a range of milkshake
              conditioning treatments ranging from
            • £5-£15

            Skin & Body Care

            Eye Treatments

            A 24hr patch test is required for any tinting treatments

            • Eyebrow Wax
            • £6
            • Eyebrow Tweeze
            • £5
            • Eyelash Tint
            • £7
            • Eyebrow Tint
            • £4.50
            • Lash & Brow Tint
            • £10

            Eyelash Extension

            • Russian Lashes

              Feather light lashes applied in hand made fan
              to individual lashes, maintenance infill required
              every 2-3 weeks. 2 hours

            • from £65
            • Hybrid Lashes

              Are a bit of both Russian & classic lashes
              applied to our individual lashes to create a
              full & natural look, maintenance infill required
              every 2-3 weeks 1 1/2 hours

            • from £55
            • Classic Lashes

              These are a one on one lashes application
              to create a natural lashes effect but creating
              lenght & volume, maintenance infill required
              every 2-3 weeks. 1 1/2 hours

            • from £45
            • Holiday Lashes

              2 week lashes for those who want full
              lashes just for their holidays, soak off is
              required after 2 weeks. 1/2 hour

            • from £35
            • Party Lashes

              These last for upto 3 days, a cluster of lashes
              applied to give you that party lashes look, these will just fall off after a couple of days. 15 mins

            • £12
            • To keep your lashes looking fabulous infills are required every 2-3 weeks

            • £12
            • 30 minutes

            • £19
            • 45 minutes

            • £25
            • 1 Hour

            • £30

            • Lash Lift

              A lash lift is an advancement on the old fashioned “lash perm”. Unlike the perming rods used in the past, new specially created silicone pads lift the lashes from the root only, creating a subtle, natural looking lift, giving the illusion of length, and making The eye appear more open.
              (patch test is necessary)

            • £25


            (Lashes Not Included)

            Get glammed up for a night on the town: Anastacia Beverly Hills, Mac, Make-up Geek, Urban Decay, Morphe & Too Faced

            • Everyday Make-up (45 minutes)
            • £23.00
            • Glamour Make-up (60 minutes)
            • £28.00

            Wedding Packages

            Catered to suit every need.

            Fake Bake

            • Spray Tan
            • £12
            • Liquid Rays
            • £11.00

            Waxing Treatments

            • Full Leg
            • £17
            • Half Leg
            • £11.50
            • Forearm
            • £9
            • Underarm
            • £7
            • Lip
            • £5
            • Bikini
            • £9.50
            • Back Wax
            • £11
            • Chest Wax
            • £11
            • Hollywood

              Removes all of the hair from the front, middle and all the way to the backside. This means it gets rid of all genital hair so the zone will be entirely bald.

            • £25.50

            • Brazilian

              Brazilian waxes often leave a small strip, triangle, square, rectangle or oval shaped piece of hair in the front, while taking all hair in between and your backside

            • £20.50

            • Nasal (Free with Brazilian or Hollywood)
            • £6.50

            Manicures & Pedicures

            Luxurious treatments for the hands & feet using warm paraffin wax. Fantastic for hydrating & moisturising tired & overworked hands & feet.

            • Luxury Manicure (45min)
            • £19
            • Luxury Pedicure (1hr 15min)
            • £22
            • Basic Manicure (45min)
            • £11.50
            • Basic Pedicure (45min)
            • £15
            • File & Vinylux Polish (30min)
            • £10


            Recipient of numerous Best New Product Awards. The Original Power Polish Shellac combines the ease of polish with incomparable high-gloss shine and extended 14-day wear.

            Zero dry time – means there’s no need to wait to grab your keys at the end of your service. No nail damage, because there are no drills or nail surface filing required.

            • Shellac Nails (inc. File & Cuticle work)
            • £15
            • Removal
            • £5
            • Builder Gel
            • £18

            Loyalty card available – have 4 shellac treatments and get your 5th Shellac application half price.

            Nail Extensions

            • Full Set Acrylics or Gel
            • £23
            • Full set Acrylics and Shellac Manicure
            • £31
            • Acrylic or Gel Infills
            • £16
            • Tip Replacement (per nail)
            • £3.50
            • Soak Off (inc.Buff & File)
            • £16
            • Soak Off & New Set
            • £31
            • Nail Art
            • from £3

            (Must be booked in advance)


            • Express Facial (30min)

              Includes deep cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask and moisturise with a neck and decólate massage.

            • £20
            • Detox Facial (45min)

              Relaxing detox facial. Thoroughly deep cleansing facial that
              removes all dirt, oil, grease and bacteria. Prepares skin for
              comedone extraction, mask, application and massage. Also
              good for nasal and sinus congestion. Increases circulation so
              ideal for problem skin. Stimulates metabolism of cells and
              improves wrinkles. Gives an instant fresh and refreshing
              feeling. Also softens, re-hydrates and rejuvenates skin.

            • £30
            • 24K Active Gold Collagen Facial (50min)

              The active gold prime liquid improves circulation in the skin promoting regeneration. Improves oxidant resistance, supplies moisture & nutrients to the cells, reduces lines & pigmentation, leaving skin glowing. Collagen hydrates, softens & detoxifies the skin enhancing the circulation & minimizing pores, lines & wrinkles.

            • £33
            • Galvanic Facial (60min)

              Galvanic facial is a type of facial treatment used primarily for reducing lines and wrinkles on the face. During the treatment, there are special machines which are used to massage the face to help maximise the absorption of nutrients products into the skin.

            • £45
            • Microdermabrasion (60min)

              An effective cosmetic treatment used to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation & acne scaring. A popular non surgical cosmetic procedure. Gives an overall healthy glow & is effective on all skin types.

            • £45
            • Mini Microdermabrasion (30 min)
            • £25
            • The Dermalogica Skin Treatment (60min)

              Say goodbye to cookie-cutter treatments! The Dermalogica Skin Treatment is 100% customised to your skin needs based on consultation and a thorough zone-by-zone Face Mapping skin analysis, making it one treatment … that’s different every time! Totally designed to meet your needs, each treatment includes professional double cleansing, exfoliation, results enhancing electrical modalities extractions (as needed), masque, toner and skin protection.

            • £40
            • LED Photon Rejuvenation Mask

              The Photon Beauty Device, designed for facial beautification, uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LED into the skin. The light activates photoreceptors in skin cells, producing energy for absorption by skin components, to beautify your complexion. Studies show that light enters the body as photons (energy) and is absorbed by the photoreceptors within cells. Massaging with the Photon Beauty balances skin tone and enhances circulation. Light is known for helping with some beauty problems, for instance, inhibiting the formation of melanin pigment, fighting acne and dermatitis, and improving the look of pockmarks, scars and wrinkles.

            • £40


            • The ultimate Dermaplaning facial at LMR. Your skin will enjoy this fabulous derma planing facial. This amazing exfoliation method using a 10R blade not as scary as it sounds, but instead very relaxing & gently removes the velus hair and dead skin cells and to reveal a fresher brighter complexion. After consultation you can choose the package that is right for you.

            • Bronze Package

              45 min double cleanse tone sanitise dermaplane instant enzyme peel skin booster followed by a beautiful skin balm and spf 30+++

            • £35
            • Silver Package

              1hr double cleanse tone sanitise dermaplane instant enzyme peel skin booster followed by a beautiful skin balm and spf 30 after the instant peel your lovely skin is now perfectly prepped for the application of a luxurious face mask lux which incorporates all the above and includes efg pure mask anti-inflammation and skin rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid and the cryo globes (frozen steel globes) its like vascular facial workout for the skin with regular use will increase cellular turnover, bringing new cells to the skin surface enhancing and improving the skins cellular quality. reduces inflammation smother & tightens minimises the appearance of large pores refuses facial redness smother out fine lines and wrinkles lymphatic massage improves circulation to the skin.

            • £40
            • Gold Package

              1hr 13min double cleanse tone sanitise dermaplane instant enzyme peel skin booster followed by a beautiful skin balm and spf 30 after the instant peel your lovely skin is now perfectly prepped for the application of a luxurious face mask lux which incorporates all the above and includes efg pure mask anti-inflammation and skin rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid and the cryo globes. (frozen steel globes) its like vascular facial workout for the skin with regular use will increase cellular turnover, bringing new cells to the skin surface enhancing and improving the skins cellular quality. Reduces inflammation, smoothens & tightens, minimises the appearance of large pores, reduces facial redness smooths out fine lines and wrinkles lymphatic massage improves circulation to the skin. We add the led photon mask, the skin uses the light as a source of energy to fuel the repair and helps rejuvenation of damaged cells, or, in the case of treating acne, kills bacteria. the energy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, boosts circulation and accelerates tissue repair. during the treatment, you’ll simply lie underneath a light screen while the device does all the work. we then go onto the advanced side of the facial and finish with a full session (20 minutes) of led.

            • £45

              • Manual exfoliation technique
              • Removes surface debris with custom dermaplanning blade

              Benefits of Dermaplanning
              • Increase absorption of topical products
              • Immediately diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
              • Primes skin for chemical peel
              • Creates healthier more radiant appearance

            Face Mapping Skin Analysis

            (included in all our facial treatments.)

            • Our Face Mapping skin analysis takes all the guesswork out of getting results. Your Dermalogica Skin Therapist will diagnose your skins concerns and prescribe a nononsense home care and treatment regimen to deliver your optimum skin health in your 14 unique zones. A professional consultation that reveals your skins past and present . . . and healthiest future.

            • Microzone (20min)

              Want a professional skin treatment but short on time? Get on-the-spot skin solutions with MicroZone treatments.
              We’ll address your top skin concern, hands-on, with our exclusive Dermalogica MicroZone treatments – the quick fix for troubled skin. After consultation and Face Mapping skin analysis we will determine your skins most pertinent skin needs and focus on key stages of treatment to get you maximum results in a minimum of time.

            • £21
            • Active Resurface 35 (45min)

              Looking for dramatic results, fast? Active Resurface 35 provides intensive resurfacing for ultra smooth skin. Specifically designed for advanced skin care users who need the ultimate in active treatment. Targets and range of skin care concerns from premature ageing to pigmentation and scarring.

            • £41


            • Skin Tags

              First skin tag treatment & consultation from £30
              for any other additional skin tag 1mm-4mm £5 per area
              Skin tags blemish over 5mm & 6mm £35
              For any other additional tag will be £10 each these
              may require a second treatment. We can treat up to
              7 skin tags in one sitting
              1mm £30 • 2mm £30 • 3mm £30 • 4mm £30
              5mm £35 • 6mm £35

            • Warts

              First wart treatment & consultation from £30 for any additional wart £5 except for warts over 2mm & 3mm
              these may require a second treatment
              1mm £30 • 2mm £30 • 3mm £35

            • Verrucae

              First verruca treatment & consultation from £30 for any additional verruca £5 except for verruca over 2mm & 3mm £10 these may need a second treatment
              1mm £30 • 2mm £35 • 3mm £35
              2nd treatment may be required at £10 per verruca

            • Milia

              First milia treatment & consultation from £35 for any additional milia £5 or special up to 7 milia treatments
              one session £40

            • Cherry Angioma

              First cherry angioma treatment & consultation from £25
              for any additional cherry angioma £5

            • Solar Lentigo

              First solar lentigo treatment & consultation & cryo bloc from £35 for any additional solar lentigo blemishes £8

            • Age Spots

              First age spot treatment & consultation & cryo bloc from £35 for any additional age spot £8

            Opie Ear Candle Treatment

            • Candle Only – 30 minutes

            • £25
            • Candle + relaxing facial massage & sinus drain – 1 hour

            • £35

            Massage Theraphies

            (Add Aromatherapy Oils In Any Massage For Only £2.50)

            • Back massage (25min)

              Relax and unwind with a pampering back massage, we will work on your main areas of concern. This is a quick pick-me-up.

            • £15
            • Leg Foot & Ankle (25min)

              Targets tired legs, great for fluid retention, foot cleanse included.

            • £15
            • Indian Head Massage (30min)

              Melt away with this ancient Indian head massage, releasing built up pressure in your scalp and opening your senses. Why not combine Indian head massage with a half price blow wave.

            • £15
            • Warming Back Treatment (40min)

              An ideal treatment for all skin types and a treat for this much neglected area. The back is deep cleansed, exfoliated to help stimulate circulation and cell renewal, then calmed and relaxed with a luxurious aromatherapy massage followed by a warming mineral mask.

            • £25
            • Full Body Massage (60min)

              Often the best treatment for back pain, muscle tightness, sciatica; or emotional problems such as stress. Increases the rate at which toxins are removed from the body

            • £30
            • Back (30min)
            • £22
            • Full Body (60min)
            • £41


                    • We are very excited to announce the addition of this amazing new treatment to the salon. Available now. Lipo Sculpting Wraps promotes immediate and long-term inch loss. Targets problem areas; buttocks, thighs, stomach and arms. Reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Tones and tightens skin.

                      Prices vary upon consultation with prices starting from as little as £25 for one area up to between £38 and £48 for full body depending on the amount of products used.

                      Chinese Cupping

                      • Cupping is a therapy in which a vacuumed cup is placed onto the affected area or any part of the body for treatment purposes. This treatment is predominantly used to disperse stagnation, detox the body and expel pathogenic factors from the surface layers of the body in order to promote the circulation of the blood.

                      • Anti cellulite cupping (30min)
                      • £20


                      • Single Ear
                      • £8
                      • Both Ears
                      • £12

                      Eye Brow Treatments

                      • Highly Defined WOW Brows

                        Mapped to the face shape, waxed, tweezed, trimmed & coloured to give them a more defined brow to suit you.

                      • £18
                      • ILHA Precision Perfect Brows

                        ILAH Brows creates perfect brows with the use of artistic threading. We’re here to help you reveal the real you . . . be who you really are, not something you‘re not. (RRP £40)

                      • £25
                      • ILHA Brows To GO – 24hr Brow

                        This treatment involves artistic threading, stencils & the use of mineral brow powder that lasts 24hrs.

                      • ILHA Red Carpet Brow

                        This treatment lasts up to 2 weeks on the skin & up to 6 weeks on the brow. This treatment is the ‘ULTIMATE’ treatment for anyone who loves to be pampered whilst having their brows created.


                      • Top To Toe (3hrs)

                        Back Massage | Express Facial | Basic Manicure & Pedicure

                      • £50
                      • Mother & Bump (2hrs)

                        Choose Luxury Manicure or Pedicure & Express Facial or Indian Head Massage

                      • £30
                      • Weekend Package 1 (1hr 30min)

                        Shellac Fingers or Toes.
                        Eye Lash Extensions.
                        Fake Bake Spray Tan.
                        (10% off RRP £33.50)

                      • £33
                      • Weekend Package 2

                        Hair Up / Wash & Curl
                        Glamour Make-up

                      • £45
                      • Package 1 (1hr 30mins)

                        Back Massage, Express Facial. Includes Wash & Blow Dry.

                      • £30
                      • Package 2 (3hrs)

                        Luxury Manicure. Luxury Pedicure. Includes Wash & Blow Dry

                      • £38
                      • Firm and Sculpt Anti Cellulite Treatment (1hr)

                        30 minutes Chinese Cupping, Thigh and Bottom Lipo Wrap Choice of free hand, foot or scalp massage while wrap is on.

                      • £35
                      • Girls Pamper Party

                        6 girls & birthday girl goes free. Includes nails painted, hair plaited (optional goody bags available for additional £2.00 per child)

                      • £15 per child